Hygienic Storage Tanks

Fresh and hot water is an essential component of life. Whether used for drinking, cooking, showering or washing your Hands, having unlimited amounts of drinking water at any temperature is one of the main achievements of modern society. It is very often taken for granted that the water quality is hygienically perfect. Conventional drinking water tanks, which store a large quantity of heated water for a long period of time, cannot always fulfill these requirements without exception. Largely dimensioned drinking water tanks with low storage temperatures and a temperature layering are energetically common (e.g. a heating system with heat pump and solar thermal support). These factors, however, add to the formation of a sediment layer at the bottom of the tank, which also presents an ideal breeding ground for bacteria (e.g. legionella).

That is the reason why the freshwater technology applied in hygienic tanks has so many advantages for the hygiene of water.

These hygienic storage tanks meet the latest thermotechnical and water-hygienic requirements. Their construction is fundamentally different from those common, large-volume drinking water storage tanks. With hygienic storage tanks, a built-in corrugated stainless steel pipe separates drinking water from heating water and serves as a powerful heat exchanger at the same time. Thus, all the advantages of a buffer storage tank are combined with those of an instantaneous water heater.

The heating water actually serves as a heat storage tank while the drinking water runs through the corrugated stainless steel pipe only when required and gets heated as a result. In this way, the consumer gets hygienically perfect fresh water at the desired temperature at any time.