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OEG fresh-water storage tanks can fulfill highest demands on drinking water hygiene and energy efficiency.
The structure of these storage tanks is fundamentally different from usual large-volume domestic-water tanks. A built-in stainless steel pipe separates the drinking water from the heating water and serves as a powerful heat exchanger at the same time. Thus, the advantages of a buffer tank are combined with those of an flow heater. The fresh drinking water runs through the corrugated stainless steel pipe in the water of the heated storage tank only if required and the stratification of the heating water is not disturbed. This leads to a very low energy consumption and guarantees legionella-free drinking water. You will not need a protective legionella programme in the regulation. By choosing additional smooth-pipe heat exchangers, more heat generators can be integrated and their energy can also be fed into the fresh-water storage tanks.

The fresh-water storage tanks are available without, with one, two or three smooth-pipe heat exchangers in sizes from 150 litres up to 5,000 litres.