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Hot-water storage tank

A hot-water storage tank is an important component of the central hot-water supply in many households and buildings. This is a tank filled with water where the water is heated up to a set temperature. The heated water can then be used as required for showers, baths or kitchens.


Important factors when buying a storage tank

If you are looking for a hot-water storage tank, you should consider some important factors. For example, the size of the tank is important because it depends on the number of persons in the household and their consumption. Another important aspect is the type of hot-water storage tank which varies depending on the requirements and space available.


Types of hot-water storage tanks

There are various types of hot-water storage tanks such as, for instance, heat pump storage tanks, buffer storage tanks, fresh-water storage tanks, combined storage tanks, drinking-water storage tanks and domestic water storage tanks. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it is important to make the right choice for optimising energy efficiency and costs.


Maintenance is important

Regardless of the type of hot-water storage tank, it is important that it is regularly maintained in order to maximise its life and efficiency. Particularly with enamelled hot-water storage tanks, an annual inspection of the anode is important. With a regular inspection, a specialist can detect possible problems early and solve them accordingly before they require larger and more expensive repairs.

In all, a hot-water storage tank is an important investment for any household or any building that needs a reliable hot-water supply. By taking the right decisions with the choice and maintenance of the storage tank, you can optimise energy efficiency, costs and comfort.

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