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Nordsil N neutral silicone brilliant white 310-ml cartridge

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Nordsil N is a permanently elastic, neutrally hardening single-component silicone sealant, suitable for sealing joints at windows, for connection and expansion joints.The wide adhesive spectrum and the permanently elastic attitude even under extreme conditions - such as moving parts, high UV radiation and temperature fluctuations - ensure best features for many applications.
Technical data:
- without unrelated plasticisers
- permanently elastic even under extreme conditions
- wide adhesive spectrum for universal applications
- non-corrosive with metals
- abrasion-proof
- suitable for the use in RLT systems according to VDI 6022
- fungus-resistant and odourless
- paintability according to DIN 52452 T4 (A1, A2)
- highest sealing group E according to DIN 18545
- easy to process and to smoothen
- high elasticity shortly after skin formation, thus immediate resilience
- 310-ml cartridge

Colourbrilliant white
content310 ml
Also replaces 311911430
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