About OEG

Daily - to ensure that your service remains quick!

We focus on quick delivery of all HVAC and house service products to your company address or site to ensure that you can reliably and quickly work for your customers. All orders coming in until 8 p.m. are dealt with by our head office in Hessisch Oldendorf, Germany. The goods are dispatched the same day and reach your address or site the next working day. Approximately 95% of all catalogue articles are stored in our 30 000 m² warehouse. Your goods are commissioned by a computer-aided and paperless system according to FIFO and must pass 5 quality controls before they are packed only 20 minutes after the order was placed.

Your orders are also processed on Sundays and holidays

Your orders are also processed on Sundays and holidays and will reach you the next working day. Our system ensures high reachability throughout Europe. Our staff can always and immediately obtain information and product availability. We guarantee that you will not hear the "busy" signal when you call us.

Über OEG